Calibrate Your Energy in 60 Minutes

Advanced biophysical diagnosis and therapy favored by top private clinics in Europe. Scans over 200 million data points in less than 12 minutes to pinpoint and address root causality of energy loss


Fast Turnaround (Diagnosis & Therapy In 60 minutes)

Non-Intrusive (No chemical samples or tests necessary)

Root Causative Analysis (Identifies energetic causes over symptoms)

Ideal for Preventative Lifestyle

Complements Biochemical Diagnosis

Sees and Treats Energy System as a Whole



Take charge of your energy and health with an instant, real-time and non-invasive biophysical method that is able to measure and address root causes of energy loss.

  1. Safe and non-intrusive technology that leverages ultra-weak electric impulses.
  2. Rapid and insightful diagnosis with more than 200 million individual measurements in less than 12 minutes.
  3. Discover root causes of chronic issues and hidden stress factors before they become issues.


Vitalfield supports body’s energy flow and communication where it needs it most, giving specific emphasis to areas such as:

  1. Gut and microbiome
  2. Endocrine function
  3. Pain and inflammation
  4. Detoxification
  5. Fracture and strain healing
  6. Organ function
  7. Cellular and mitochondrial function
  8. Metabolism
  9. Immune system
  10. Cravings and food addictions

The therapy not only supports the body’s own healing mechanism, but also helps client to adopt the lifestyle changes that are most pertinent for retaining permanent health. Vitalfield takes into account our energetic individuality both in diagnosis and therapy.



  • Thirteen major body systems (endocrine, metabolic, cardiovascular, urogenital, brain, reproductive, lymph, immune system…)
  • 610 vital objects (organs, micro-organisms, cells, nerves, vessels, bone structures…)
  • Toxic loads & metabolism
  • Gut microbial balance
  • Energy axes of the body
  • Allergies, inflammation, sensitivities
  • Energetic blockades, meridians
  • Micro-organisms and parasites
  • Other stressors that affect energy flow


Some 2,800 German and Swiss biophysicists and energy medicine practitioners refer to the electromagnetic fields, rhythms and impulses that regulate life and organisms as “vital fields” (aka Vitalfeld).Today, Vitalfield technology is one of the leaders in biophysical medicine.
Vitalfeld machines measure over 200 million resonance points in the body in the first eight minutes, to pinpoint root causality of energy depletion or blockades. Diagnosis links to immediate, non-intrusive therapy. Targeted vitalfeld therapy supports specific functions of the body – such as endocrine, metabolic, cardiovascular, urogenital, brain, reproductive, lymph and immune systems – with resonant frequencies that transfer energy and information to where they are most needed.

Vitalfeld can also target specific organs, micro-organisms, cells, nerves, vessels and bone structures; to regulate toxic loads and metabolism; to support microbial balance; to counter allergies, inflammation and sensitivities; and to promote general vitality in people who are low on energy and high on stressors.

Vitalfeld technology is developed and manufactured by Swiss-German Vitatec Gmbh. It is being used today by prominent health practitioners and clinics to pinpoint and treat root causality of energetic issues rapidly and non-intrusively. Vitalfeld supports the body’s own healing mechanism by giving it energy where it’s most needed.

Overlapping Definitions:

  • Biofields
  • Vitalfeld
  • Vital Fields
  • Electromagnetic Therapy (EMT)
  • Bioelectrodynamics
  • Electromagnetic Biology
  • Biophysical Medicine
  • Frequency Medicine
  • Vibrational Medicine
  • Energy Medicine

Vitalfield has been used to support and healing and regeneration in a wide range of areas, such as:

  • Athletic Performance (used by top Austrian Olympic athletes)
  • Sports Injuries (Accelerated tissue healing)
  • Energy and Vitality
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Cardiac Issues
  • Psychological Stress
  • Memory Loss
  • Digestive Issues
  • Detoxing
  • Destressing
  • Autoimmune
  • Chronic Disease

Four decades after Nikola Tesla suggested that the we are made entirely of energy and waves, quantum mechanics confirmed what was going on inside the atom, namely vibrations inside emptiness. Today we know that all matter – both organic and inorganic – vibrates with electromagnetic frequencies. The human body, cells, organs and micro-organisms generate specific electrical currents that flow through the tissues and therefore operate magnetic fields both within and around us.
Energy medicine, a tradition dating back to Chinese “chi” and Indian “prana” practices over 5,000 years ago, uses natural human energies of varying intensities and frequencies to stimulate the repair of tissues and enable built-in healing mechanisms to operate more effectively.

By 1884, an estimated 10,000 physicians were applying electromagnetic principles with simple electric devices for practical therapeutic purposes. Thousands of studies over the last century attest to the benefits of energy medicine. However, In 1910, The Flexner Report, funded by the Carnegie Foundation, established a basis for all medicine and clinical education that ignored ancient and validated energy-healing methods in favor of biochemical measurability.

Today we are looking at a revival of biophysical medicine. New clinical studies are showing significant results in enhancing fertility, for example. Accelerated healing from both internal and external stressors. Better resistance and overall energy.

VitalFeld applies natural frequencies to help our bodies receive, store, and release various kinds of energy and information for optimal functioning. It operates on a higher level of causality than chemistry, just as quantum physics operates on a higher level of causality than classical physics.

Both biochemistry (nutrients, chemicals) and biophysics (currents, fields) are critical to life, with an important difference: speed. Think of biochemistry as the central heater and biophysics as the electronic thermostat. Responding to a change in temperature outside, the thermostat sends a signal to the boiler at lightspeed, which then takes minutes or hours to heat up in response.

Life depends on the same principle, using light speed communication to coordinate slow chemical synthesis. This is how we are able to process over 400 billion actions per second between trillions of cells, organs and micro-organisms to maintain life’s complex functions.

All biophysical events operate under the laws of physics, where signals create interference patterns just like ripples in a pond, transferring and sharing energy and information from one object to another. The efficiency of this communication is measured by resonance. Vitalfeld technology is about measuring and improving the body’s resonance.

The latest science of epigenetics confirms the importance of biophysical fields in life. In the new biology, DNA is merely the blueprint for protein structures, whereas behavior itself is guided by environmental signals that are received by the cell’s membrane. A healthy body that is able to process and respond to external stressors flexibly is high in resonance, able to communicate efficiently, more adaptive to change outside and more resistant to stressors.

Environmental signals cover the gamut of life – from nutrition and chemicals to electromagnetic fields, sounds, light, radiation, our thoughts and emotions (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta frequencies) and also the fields generated by other organisms -, fauna, flora, and nature itself. They shape the commune of cells known as the human body.

Knowing this, we can choose to limit signals that undermine our health and support the ones that bring us more energy. Man-made electromagnetic fields such as cell phone radiation, for example, can undermine regulatory functions and cause cumulative cellular wear and tear. Mitochondria, the cellular energy plants that generate ninety-five percent of our total energy needs, operate with an electric principle that is particularly sensitive to electrosmog. Long-term damage to mitochondria is typical to most forms of chronic disease, which is why it’s important to start thinking about health also from a biophysical aspect.

VitalFeld counters the effects of electrosmog, and other environmental stressors, by enhancing the cells’ ability to produce energy (ATP).

  • In 1923, Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitch discovers ultraweak photon emissions from living tissues in the UV-range of the spectrum, that have a stimulating effect on cell division. He calls it mitogenetic radiation.
  • Austrian-American biologist Paul Weiss and German-American Hans Spemann, suggest that Gurwitch’s energy field influences the embryo.
  • Biologist Rupert Sheldrake calls the ”morphic field” and proposes that it interacts with the human mind.
  • Neuroanatomist Harold S. Burr from Yale University records electrical fields in the shape of matured bodies around eggs and baby animals in the 1940s, suggesting an electromagnetic blueprint for guiding growth.
  • Herbert Fröhlich, nominated for Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963 and 1964, proposes an electromagnetic field that is generated by living cells in broad frequency ranges synchronizes molecules and information in the human body.
  • Frits-Albert Popp, a theoretical biophysicist at the University of Marburg in Germany, discovers carcinogenic compounds that scramble cellular photo-repair mechanisms by emitting specific wavelengths.
  • Popp and one of his graduate students, Bernhard Ruth, demonstrate with a highly sensitive photon detector how coherent emission of biophotons is linked to cellular health and incoherent emission to diseases such as cancer. They propose that biophotons provide system of communication between molecules
  • Dr. Veljko Veljkovic discovers a method for predicting which chemicals are carcinogenic by calculating biophotonic properties of the molecules.
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton, father of epigenetics, shows that cell regulation and behavior is regulated with environmental signals through the cell’s membrane rather than DNA, and biophysical signals trigger effects with and without chemical diffusion, further divulging the biophysical aspect of humanity
  • Dr. Robert Becker, pioneer in the field of regeneration outlines the relationship between electrical currents and healing processes in animal and human limbs, spinal cords, and organs with extensive laboratory tests in the 1970s.
  • Dr. Siegfried Kiontke, German biophysicist, releases first machines that mimic human electromagnetic fields for therapeutic purposes, calling them Vitalfelds (Vital Fields).
  • The last few decades sees a mushrooming of research and studies linkin electric and electromagnetic phenomena to human function and behavior (see below).

Vitalfeld: Enhancing Reproductive Health

Dr. Josef Zech / Kinderwunsch Clinic, Innsbruck / 2019


Specific electromagnetic frequency ranges that combine Schumann resonances, digitized orthomolecular spectra and other Vitalfeld spectra have increased sperm cell longevity on average by 35 percent in several ongoing clinical studies conducted by Kinderwunsch clinic with independent researchers. The peak longevity of Vitalfeld treated sperm is up to nine days, whereas the average sperm only survive three days on average. Same methodology has also been used to enhance egg cell vitality and to treat displaced eggs in the ovary. Studies are ongoing through 2019.

Interview with Dr. Zech

Electromagnetic Signals influence DNA Restructuring, Water Memory and Transmission

Dr. Luc Montagnier / Electromagnetic Biology And Medicine / 2014


Specific electromagnetic signals (EMS) were used to restructure DNA and transmit the information into a clean water sample, confirmed by independent laboratory teams who were able to reconstruct the DNA. It demonstrates how DNA is able to fix itself and transmit the information through water molecules when subjected to specific EMS. The transduction effect has also been observed in living human cells, when coherent molecular interaction are supported with resonant frequencies.
Full Study Documentary film

Biofield: The Phantom Leaf Effect

Dr. John Hubacher / The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine


Dr. John Hubacher measures the biological field of a leaf with corona discharge. The biofield remains intact even after the leaf is cut in half and the other part removed, with broad implications for biology and physics.

Full Study / Hubacher On Biofields

Vitalfeld: Supporting Athletic Performance, Bone and Fracture Healing, Regeneration

Private Clinics / The Journal of Athletic Training


Energy and alternative medicine practitioners in Germany, Switzerland and Austria use Vitalfeld to diagnose and treat top athletes and sports professionals, observing significantly faster regeneration and healing in muscles, fascia, blood vessels, bones and even head. Vitalfeld is being used for torn ligaments, ligaments sprain, cartilage damage, torn muscle fibers, body bruises, back pain, shoulder injury with torn ligaments, concussions, inflammation, cicatrices, wound healing, influenza, allergies, food intolerance and various intestinal problems. Creatine kinase levels level out within the next day after treatment. The practitioners generally believe that the cumulative positive effects are primarily due to increased cellular energy, that helps the body regenerate faster. One clinic has created custom tools for competition and regeneration, used by some of the top competitive athletes in the country.

Marcel Hirscher Skiing 6 time Overall Champion skiing 6 times World Champion
Matthias Mayer Skiing Gold medal Dh Olympics Sotchi
Niki Hosp Skiing 10 time medalist in Alpine skiing. 3 Olympic medals
Andrea Fischbacher Skiing Olympic Gold Sg Vancouver
Julia Dujmovits, Snowboard Olympic Gold Sochi
Andreas Prommegger Snowboard 3 x Overall Champion
Thomas Morgenstern Ski jumping Olympic Gold medalist
Mario Stecher Nordic Combine Worldchampion and Olympic gold medalist team
Bernhard Gruber Nordic Combine Worldchampion and Olympic gold medalist team
Franz Klammer Skiing legend and Olympic champion
Heather Mills Speed record holder – disabled skiing
Matthias Lanzinger multiple Paraolympic medalist
Max Franz Skiing Downhill Bronze medalist World Champion 2017
Roland Leitinger Skiing GS Silber World champion 2017
Manuel Feller Skiing SL Silber World Champion 2017
Nici Schmidhofer Skiing DH Gold World Champion 2017

Study: The effect of low-frequency electromagnetic field on human bone marrow stem/progenitor cell differentiation

Article: 1978 New York Times Article extolling EMS treatment of fractures.

Vitalfeld: Significant Improvement In Tanzanian and European Study of 265 Chronic Patients

Forum Medizine / Die Naturheilkunde Report 2010


In a statistical study involving 265 patients with a versatile set of chronic illnesses, 98 percent of Tansanians and 85 percent of Europeans reported significant health effects from Vitalfeld treatments, with an average of five treatments showing significantly reduced symptoms and pain.

See Published Study (German)

University Hospital Graz Study Shows High Accuracy of Vitalfeld Diagnosis

Clinical Institute For Medical And Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics, University Hospital Graz – 2006


In two independent studies by University Hospital Graz involving 44 patients with somatic diseases, extensive anamnesis was carried out with standard laboratory procedures and the results compared with Vitalfeld diagnostic (“Global Diagnostic”). All patient data was randomized and sent to third party for analysis. The biophysical, 8-minute measurement was able to confirm the main diagnosis made by classical medical methods for each patient in the study. The team concluded also that the digital scan can give indication to hidden or beginning pathological processes which can not yet be detected by conventional lab tests or diagnostics.

Graz University Study

Vitalfeld: Rapid Method For Detecting Cardiovascular Risk

Clinical Institute For Medical And Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics, University Hospital Graz


In a retrospective study of 143 patients suspected of suffering from cardiovascular disease or increased cardiovascular risk, the efficiency of Vitalfeld measurement was compared to conventional cardiovascular examination methods. The biophysical diagnostic succeeded in accurately detecting both the patients already suffering from a cardiovascular disease and the patients who – still free of symptoms – showed unambiguous evidence of commencing end organ damage or exhibited more than one synergistically effective risk factor with a high efficiency (a sensitivity of 93.6 % and a specificity of 79.4 %).

Graz University Study

Electric Fields Generated by Microtubules, Building Blocks of Cytoplasma

Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling / 2012


Microtubules maintain the structure of the cell and a variety of cellular processes with intracellular electric fields that facilitate mitosis and meiosis.

Full Study

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