The Human Journey From Particles To Waves

The Future of Medicine. Today.

After being suppressed for nearly a century, frequency medicine is becoming a powerful non-chemical, non-invasive, and safe complement to modern medicine. Advanced frequency protocols are revolutionizing the management of chronic issues and athletic performance by helping people identify root causes of energy loss and gain rather than by managing symptoms alone – the beginning of what may turn out to be a paradigm shift in personal healthcare.

“The Human Journey: From Particles To Waves” is a one-hour presentation about perception, behavior, and technology that empowers people to reach their full energetic potential with a broader understanding than classical mechanistic science offers.

How To Bridge The Communication Gap In A Polarized Society

I asked David Charalambous, a communication expert specializing in conflict resolution, how to bridge the communication gap between polarized viewpoints – knowledge that’s handy in today’s society. David Charalambous combines NLP, EFT, General Semantics, System Theory, Process Mapping, and Dynamics to help multinational clients, athletes, high performers, and business leaders communicate better. David is the founder of Reaching People, which consults organizations and individuals to create honest and open dialogues. In this 16 minute interview he talks about the modern challenge of bridging polarized views that are often the result of societal programming and disinformation.

The Power Of Attitude Over Health & Regeneration

Recent studies on telomeres (the chromosomal indicators of our longevity) prove that attitude – how we choose to perceive life and everything it casts our way – has a potent effect on our biochemistry, our ability to regenerate, and our health. For example, so-called “miracle healings” from deadly chronic diseases can often be traced to a shift in attitude rather than chemistry. Attitude is crucial when determining whether dramatic events – such as wars and natural disasters – leave a traumatic imprint on adults and their children and whether we grow stronger or weaker from such experiences.Attitude towards life’s stressors is vital in determining our resilience. The modern generation of overly guarded and safe children turn out to be physically and mentally weaker. The shift in attitude needs to be authentic. We can’t lie to ourselves. The body and the subconscious know whether our mindset is genuine or contrived. “Positive thinking,” a popular modern catchword, can also produce adverse effects when acted out or otherwise ingenuine, compromising our ability to learn and become stronger from misfortune. We discuss the power of attitude in this one-hour interview with Mechthild Rex-Najuch, a German naturopath and frequency medicine pioneer with over four decades of experience in fostering healthspans.

Native American Insights on Healing by Vernon Foster

Vernon Foster is a member of the Klamath tribes of Oregon, a teacher, spokesperson, and activist for the Native American community for over 40 years. As a counselor, he works with indigenous tribes and retreats, focusing on the psychological aspects of transformation and healing. In this 20-minute interview, Vernon talks about the methods we can use to integrate healing ceremonies into our everyday lives and how to deal with negative emotions in a way that leads to permanent change.

Interview: Talking About Fats, Cholesterol, Statins… and Other Fallacies

Talking About Fats, Cholesterol, Statins… and Other Fallacies

More people everyday struggle with weight gain, diabetes, and coronary issues. Part of the reason may be the misinformation related to saturated fats, cholesterol, and statins.

Regeneration Made Simple – Interview with Integrative Dentist Dr. Martin Wucher

Regeneration Made Simple – Part 1

Why is it that when perfectly healthy indigenous tribe members move to the big cities, they almost immediately begin to have chronic health issues – often starting with dental problems?

Dr. Martin Wucher, a German integrative dentist based out of Namibia, grew up in the savanna and has dedicated his life to understanding and addressing the root causality of chronic disease.

Martin uses nutrition, lifestyle, targeted supplementation, and advanced forms of frequency medicine to help his patients become self-healing again, rather than rely solely on chemical or invasive protocols.

In this 1-hr Zoom interview, Martin outlines natural methods that have transformed the lives of patients who were on the verge of giving up hope.

Interview: Vitalfield’s CEO, Jan Wellmann, talks about burnout, energy, and regeneration.

Energy For Living founder, Jan Wellmann, talks about burnout, energy, and regeneration.

Rethinking Stress


When is stress contributing to health rather than to chronic disease, fatigue, and burnout? Most of our understanding of stress is based on the study of ill people.

On Plant Wisdom


Kuauhtli Vasquez, shaman who works with plant medicine, talks about natural healing and how we can lead purposeful lives.