On Plant Wisdom


Kuauhtli Vasquez, shaman who works with plant medicine, talks about natural healing and how we can lead purposeful lives.

Rethinking Stress


When is stress contributing to health rather than to chronic disease, fatigue, and burnout? Most of our understanding of stress is based on the study of ill people.


Energy For Living founder, Jan Wellmann, talks about burnout, energy, and regeneration.


Regeneration Made Simple – Part 1

Why is it that when perfectly healthy indigenous tribe members move to the big cities, they almost immediately begin to have chronic health issues – often starting with dental problems?

Dr. Martin Wucher, a German integrative dentist based out of Namibia, grew up in the savanna and has dedicated his life to understanding and addressing the root causality of chronic disease.

Martin uses nutrition, lifestyle, targeted supplementation, and advanced forms of frequency medicine to help his patients become self-healing again, rather than rely solely on chemical or invasive protocols.

In this 1-hr Zoom interview, Martin outlines natural methods that have transformed the lives of patients who were on the verge of giving up hope.


Talking About Fats, Cholesterol, Statins… and Other Fallacies

More people everyday struggle with weight gain, diabetes, and coronary issues. Part of the reason may be the misinformation related to saturated fats, cholesterol, and statins.

Native American Insights on Healing by Vernon Foster

Vernon Foster is a member of the Klamath tribes of Oregon, a teacher, spokesperson, and activist for the Native American community for over 40 years. As a counselor, he works with indigenous tribes and retreats, focusing on the psychological aspects of transformation and healing. In this 20-minute interview, Vernon talks about the methods we can use to integrate healing ceremonies into our everyday lives and how to deal with negative emotions in a way that leads to permanent change.