The Secrets Of Longevity: Metabolic Factors

The secrets of longevity are no longer a secret.

The secrets of longevity are no longer a secret. Scientists have identified nine hallmarks of aging that have important repercussions on cellular metabolism, and they happen to verify the results we witness in metabolomic clients on a daily basis. We know today how to influence the human lifespan positively and dramatically.

It is indeed possible to live a significantly longer life in perfect health and without excess decrepitation, if we know which adjustments we need to do in daily life. Some of these findings were recently published in the prestigious scientific journal CELL.

According to the scientists, aging, as well as development and maturity, is ultimately determined by metabolism — the process by which our body converts what we eat to energy. As we age, our metabolism becomes less efficient, which in turn, damages our DNA and causes our cells to stop functioning efficiently.

Aging is inevitable and there seems to be no plausible way to absolutely stop it, much less reverse it; but because metabolism is likewise linked to nutrition, there are ways in which we can slow down the process. When we study telomeres, for example, the difference in aging as far as metabolic wear and tear is concerned can be up to five times faster or slower depending on our lifestyle.

“Westernized lifestyle” is a major aging accelerator. It’s characterized by hypercaloric nutrition with carbohydrate focused intake, processed foods with little nutritional content, scarcity of healthy fats, and mental and physical stress with exposure to environmental toxicants and exaggerated sedentariness — all things that have a major negative impact on our longevity and health.

Some of the most recognized anti-aging factors include the following:

1. Mediterranean diet: composed of healthy fats like olive oil, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fish, organic meats, and little or no sugar.

2. Caloric restriction: reduced intake of calories but without causing malnutrition.

3. Exercise. Well, of course it’s on the list. We all know how important physical fitness is to longevity.

It is however important to recognize that every metabolism is unique by design, and if we don’t understand our individual energy type, blockades, and overloads in the main energy conversion cycles like the Krebs Cycle, the type of supplementation and nutrition that our individual bodies require for perfect health, remains guesswork.

Metabolomic evaluation and coaching is the only scientifically validated method to identify metabolic individuality on a cellular level, in a way that leads to proven results within 3-6 months of nutritional and lifestyle adjustments.

Read the full study here.

Jan Wellmann

Founder & Health Coach

Energy For Living

The secrets of longevity are no longer a secret.

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