Ellen, 39.

10 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that causes several problems, I received the diagnosis after my first pregnancy.I lived with this disease, but I wasn’t happy about my health status: I was always tired, I wasn’t able to lose weight, I was always irritable and I didn’t like myself anymore.About two and a half years ago I met Dr.Tsoukalas, I read his book and I decided to book a visit. The metabolomic analysis identified the new nutritional plan and the personalized supplementation that has helped me overcome this disease.Nowadays I have an optimal health status and I’m proud of it. I’m a new person, for me it was a rebirth: I lost 14 kg and I learned how to eat correctly. Most of all I learned to feel my body: I understand its needs, I can feel when it is thirsty or hungry, and when it needs to rest, I also got a good level of energy and my skin has really changed.


Rachel, 24.

Hi! I’m the mother of a patient treated by you, who is facing bladder cancer from over a year, mistakenly diagnosed as benign tumor three years ago.

During these three years several relapses have been resected, he did one chemotherapy and six BCG. In the middle of all this situation, this year he started to be treated by dr. Tsoukalas’ equipe and to regularly assume supplements, as prescribed. Right to begin, the only fact that he received a right diet and personalized supplements gave him a real sense of safety, as well as a great physical recovery (his digestive and immune systems were completely non-operating).

In brief:

In june , after the last operation, the surgeon advised him that if at the next examination he would had experienced more relapses, he would have chosen and strongly suggested removing the bladder to avoid further risks. At the age of 24 years old, the perspective to live with a bag attached to the abdomen for an uncertain number of years wasn’t an option. So, thanks to strict diet and regularly assumed supplements and also spiritual help, at the examination last September the organ resulted completely clean. You have no idea what this meant for us.

Obviously we continue to rebuild his immune system, and to restore life in every way, but this is a great win, for him, his wife, for all the family and the colleagues that have constantly supported him.

Thank you for being there to make the difference.


Philip, 53

I want to share the joy for my last goal achieved with all of you (especially women) who were diagnosed with that sneaky and devastating disease called AUTOIMMUNE THYROIDITIS (HASHIMOTO). Who is affected by that knows what I’m talking about. I want to give a message of hope and optimism to who is struggling against that, especially after the verdict has been decreed: INCURABLE.

Why am I happy? It was at least 5 years that I couldn’t go running (it was my favourite sport , together with yoga). I ran just 500 meters and then the body or the mind surrendered: I didn’t have energy, I got panic attacks and a huge hip pain.. Instead now I can run for 4 km (for someone is a little distance, but for me is a lot, considering the situation) and I have a good pace and I could do more, but at the moment I don’t want to abuse of the newfound energy. I couldn’t believe that! I can do it!!

The satisfaction is double because I achieved this result without drugs, despite the big difficulties and sufferings..but I didn’t want to assume a drug for all life long and moreover an hormone! I chose other ways that were right for me: it required a lot of discipline but I wanted to trust my body and his self-healing capacity when it is rightly supported… and the Divine Wisdom.. so in 15 months since the diagnosis I was able to restore another piece of me, of my will to live and to project, to undertake and most of all.. to laugh! I feel myself again.

I want to thank all of them that supported me and believed in me through this long and hard period of time, but most of all the divine wisdom that guided me and comforted me in my darkest nights. The challenge isn’t still completely overcome, but much has been done. I’m sure that is possible to win this disease considered “incurable” by most of the doctors and I want to share with everyone my success, just to let him give you trust and become reality for who is affected by it and is struggling every day.


Stefania Guzzon, 55

My name is Stefania Guzzon, I’m 55 y.o. and I found the joy of living , thanks to Dr. Tsoukalas and his staff. Particularly heartfelt thanks to Dr. Francesca Marcon and Dr. Carolina Capriolo, for the wonderful work they are carrying on.

Let’s start from the beginning…

In July, 2015 I felt very bad, always tired, with pain all over my body! In the morning, simply getting out of bed was a burden! Even taking the feet down the floor was painful, I was constantly sad and with no energy. My simple only one target was going from the bed to lay down the sofa. Such a way of surviving rather than living, was a tragedy to a person like me, always active and dynamic!

I decided then to consult the doctor, who prescribed me many analysis, all of them resulting normal…next step was to check on Internet some supplements, in order to regain strength as I was feeling that my body itself was asking some help, that I could not supply…

At last I found the Nutritional Metabolomics Test (Numex), I filled the form and I was directed to a Meetab consultant, Mr. Nicola Peotta, whom I will never thank enough, who got me acquainted with Dr. Tsoukalas and his metabolomic medicine, fully unknown to me!

Miss Monica Garbin, secretary of Dr. Tsoukalas, kindly pointed out the several steps of the therapy and arranged an appointment at the Medicine Centre in Treviso.

In that occasion I carried out the sampling for the metabolomic analysis, and Dr. Carolina Capriolo filled the form with my anamnesis. The tests results proved that my organism was practically lacking of 3-6-9 fatty acids, vitamin D and C.

I was received by Dr. Tsoukalas, very professional, but friendly in the same time. He explained to me a lot of things about the human “machine” and its operating principles, particularly he stated <<If we don’t use the right fuel, the engine will get stuck>>

Dr. Marcon, a very kind person, gave me then a customized diet, tailored on my needs.

I started to follow the nutritional directions and take specific supplements, well aware that I should have literally followed directions, if willing to improve. I immediately felt tangible benefits, as time was passing, I felt better and stronger!

After 3 months I repeated the tests: the fatty acids values returned to normality within an acceptable range, and the vitamin D increased by 300%. A surprising result that I should never expect, confirming that I was feeling much better!

Nowadays I go ahead taking the supplements and following the prescribed diet, while in the near future I will repeat the tests, but henceforth I can absolutely affirm that the Metabolomic Medicine completely changed my life!

I am sorry to have been long winded, but I cared to point out all the therapy phases.

I wish to thank Dr. Tsoukalas and all his staff once again, as they showed me a new positive way of life!