Energy For Living

The Advanced Metabolomic Health & Energy Solution


Your biochemistry and your healing journey is as individual as your fingerprint. Discover yours.


You’ve tried to counter lack of energy or chronic health issues with a variety of tactics: diet and health regimen, supplements, and prescription drugs that address symptoms without addressing individual needs and biochemistry. As a result, one costly method after another fails to provide you with measurable progress.

  • Minimal progress with traditional methods

  • Costly methods with unpredictable results

  • Subjective, symptom-based measurement

My challenge is
overweightchronic diseasehigh blood pressurestresslack of energydigestive issuessugar cravingaddiction


Take charge of your energy and health with a customized nutrition and supplementation plan that leverages the market’s most advanced metabolomic* blood and urine analysis to pinpoint and address your individual biochemical deficiencies.

  • Objective measurement of health based on the individual's metabolism

  • Utilize guidelines from nutrition to lifestyle to address individual causality

  • Empower your true health and energy potential

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What Does Energy For Living Offer?

We are all highly individual in the way we metabolize energy. There is no single “miracle” diet, cure, protocol or drug that fits everyone’s needs. Energy For Living (E4L) measures your metabolic type with molecular precision, to understand your individual requirements for optimal health.

We will champion your health and well-being as a permanent lifestyle, by measuring and addressing your individual biochemistry.

Energy For Living is Designed for Optimal Health, Body and Mind

Energy for Living (E4L) helps you achieve an energetically balanced life by evaluating, understanding and fulfilling the requirements of your individual metabolism.

Your natural birthright is to live a long, productive and energetic life without chronic health issues, fatigue, overweight or loss of vitality.

We Address Root Causes
We address the root causes of energetic blockades with micro and macronutrients that are customized for your specific goal, condition and metabolic type.

We Use 100% Natural Methods
All our methods are 100% natural and drug free, consisting of simple lifestyle adjustments and a handcrafted, nutritional and supplementation regimen of the highest possible quality.

We Provide Empathetic Counseling
We are committed to you for the long-term. We guide and support you through the Energy for Living process with empathetic counseling that takes into account your personal goals, challenges and daily circumstances, at your own pace.

With Energy For Living, you will also have access to a supportive online community where you can learn from other members and have access to scientific research, lifestyle, and relevant nutritional protocols


Is Energy For Living For Me?

We support and guide you to achieve your personal health goals, overcome challenges and daily circumstances, at your own pace. Before you commit to the program, we determine whether the program is for you by analyzing your nutritional and medicinal history.

Typically Energy For Living protocol is relevant for you if…

  • You follow “miracle” weight-loss programs based on starvation and treadmills, without permanent results.
  • You have markers for diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune, respiratory, or cardiovascular diseases.
  • You have body aches and pains or inflammation, and regularly take antibiotics and/or painkillers
  • You have IBS, constipation, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, acid reflux, diarrhea or any other chronic digestive issues.
  • You combat low energy, lack of sleep, moodiness or anxiety with sugar energy drinks, prescription meds or other drugs
  • You are you an athlete who wants to improve performance but your progress is slow.
  • You indulge in sugar, alcohol or other addictive behavioral patterns or chemicals to ease pain, stress or discomfort.
  • You are you a corporate executive or manager who strives to manage stress in an increasingly competitive environment
  • You suffer from body shame, guilt or self-blame
  • You have sugar or refined carbohydrate cravings

If any of above rings true, know that you are not alone.

According to a Global Disease Study, 19 out of 20 people have experienced the same chronic issues within the past year.

The American Reality
In America, up to 88% of all deaths involve a chronic complication. One in three has pre-diabetes. One in 10 has diabetes. Four in 10 will have cancer. One in four will have dementia. One in three is obese. Two in three are overweight.

The Indian Reality
You are over 10 times more likely to die from a chronic disease than from any other cause of death in India. One in five Indians has diabetes and hypertension, which is also related to cardiovascular disease, the highest cause of death in India (24%). Over half of the deaths in India are due to a chronic disease  (24% cardiovascular, 10% respiratory, 10% digestive and 9% cancer).

Symptoms, Not Causes
Modern allopathic doctors focus on symptoms, without addressing the root causes. Prescription drugs may alleviate the condition temporarily, while the underlying disease continues to worsen.

Many of us feel a sense of helplessness and frustration at the lack of trustworthy information, challenged by rising health costs and a deepening health crisis.

But there is good news.
Regardless of your age or condition, a customized health and nutrition plan can help you regain optimal health, vitality and ideal weight through natural means.


How does it work?

Permanent health becomes possible when your nutrition and lifestyle is customized for your individual biochemistry.

Energy for Living leverages the world’s most advanced molecular science to assess your individual biochemistry. A metabolomic blood and urine test tracks over 5,000 energy processes in the body to determine the exact deficiencies and toxins that need to be addressed for the body to heal itself. That’s because we’re all unique, and highly individual, in how we process life, convert fuel (food, water, air, sunlight, our relationships and other individual factors) into energy.

A body and mind with a balanced energy is self-healing. You will realize the advantages within months, and even in severe cases involving chronic disease, you can regain a normal, energetic life by following the Energy For Living protocol.

Evaluation: A personal evaluation will determine if you can benefit from Energy for Living

Measurement: A simple blood and urine test will be analyzed in a highly specialized metabolomic lab in Europe. The test will be done with a simple DIY kit, sent to your desired location.

Protocol: Lab results will be used to customize your nutrition and supplementation to match your specific goals and your individual metabolic type.

Counseling: An Energy for Living counselor helps you achieve your goals in a manner that fits your current circumstances.

Commitment: After successfully reaching your primary health goal, Energy for Living will continue to support you to maintain health as a permanent lifestyle.

Community: Learn, share, be inspired by and be supported by the Energy for Living community for a life of health and vitality.


Personalized test results

A complete blueprint of your health

Supplement recommendations specific to your needs

No assembly line medicine. Consultations are about you

Lifestyle suggestions to optimise your health

Dedicated physicians expert in metabolomics

"The measurement of metabolites is one of the most accurate tests available for the tracking and detection of specific dietary, environmental, and metabolic causes concerning insoluble health problems and lack of energy. "

~ Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas, a metabolomics pioneer and author of How To Live 150 Years In Health

"Metabolomics is the simplest and more reflective of health status. It incorporates environmental influences, for example, from exercise and diet."

~ Harvard Magazine (May 2011)

"Just one in 20 people worldwide had no health problems in 2013, with a third of the world's population (2·3 billion individuals) experiencing more than five ailments."

~ Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) 2013

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