Ellen, 39.

“10 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis after my first pregnancy. I was forced to live with this disease. I was constantly tired, unable to lose weight, irritable. The metabolomic analysis identified a personalized nutrition and supplementation plan which has helped me overcome this disease. I am perfectly healthy today and I’m proud of it. For me the whole process was a rebirth. I lost 14 kg and learned how to eat correctly, most of all I learned to feel my body. Today I understand what I need in order to heal. I can feel when my body is thirsty or hungry, and when it needs to rest. I also have a great level of energy and a much better looking skin.”

Rachel, 24.

“My son was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He had chemotherapy and treatment for three years during which he had several relapses. His digestive and immune systems were completely down. After the last operation, the surgeon advised him that if he would have one more relapse, he should remove the bladder to avoid further risks.  At the age of 24 years, the prospect of living with a bag attached to the abdomen for an uncertain number of years wasn’t an option.

The year he began themetabolomic diet and supplements, he began his physical recovery. Thanks to a strict diet, individualized supplements and also spiritual help, his last examination in September turned out completely clean. You have no idea what this means for us.

Obviously we wil continue to rebuild his immune system and to restore life in every way, but this is a great win for him, his wife, for all of the family and the colleagues who have constantly supported him.

Thank you for being there to make the difference.”


Philip, 53.

“I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Thyroiditis (Hashimoto). My doctor told me it was an incurable disease. I didn’t have enough energy to run (my favorite sport), I would collapse after 500 meters. I was too weak even for yoga. I also had panic attacks and extreme hip pain. Metabolomics changed my life. Today I run 4km per day and increasing the pace every day. I have loads of new energy for all sorts of new activities. I’ve made a total transformation without drugs and am on the way to be completely healed. I finally have a will to live and prosper again, I trust my body and its ability to self-heal.”

Stefania Guzzon, 55.

“My name is Stefania, I’m 55 years old. I found the joy of living thanks to metabolomics. In July, 2015, I felt very bad, always tired, with pain all over my body. In the morning, simply getting out of bed was a burden. Even moving my feet was painful. I was constantly sad and fatigued. I would move from the bed to lay down on the sofa. It was a life of surviving rather than living, a tragedy to a person like me who was always active and dynamic.

I decided to try metabolomics after my body nearly collapsed. Regular doctors could not help, so I was ready to try anything! The tests showed that my organism was lacking of 3-6-9 fatty acids, vitamin D and C, and my nutrition was wrong.

I was given a metabolomic diet, tailored specifically to my needs. After I began to follow the nutritional plan and take the supplements, I began to feel tangible benefits. Over a few months, I felt much better and stronger. After 3 months I repeated the tests: the fatty acids values returned to normal within an acceptable range, and the vitamin D increased by 300%. The results confirmed why I was feeling so much better. I can absolutely affirm that metabolomics completely changed my life.”